【About the role】
We are looking for an analytical problem solver that aims to improve operations efficiency, user experience and to drive real-world impact through innovative data-driven technology. You will be expected to build scalable processes and systems that enable stakeholders to leverage data and act upon.

【What you'll do】
1. Problem solving, since we face new problems that need to be solved every single day.
2. Identify and implement short-term solutions in a timely manner, while helping to define long-term solutions.
3. Identify operational weaknesses and make proposals to help the team improve or innovate new processes, in order to maintain the efficiency, optimize user experience and fraud prevention.
4. Effectively conceptualize analyses and communicate to business/product stakeholders

【What you'll need】

  1. Excellent analytical thinking - have the ability to identify the correctness of numbers and connect the dots you see between the data and operations.
  2. An innovator who knows how to quickly apply the tools to make the day-to-day activities more efficient.
  3. SQL expertise - know how to access, interpret and package data, assist the stakeholders to deliver the analysis and better the operations.
  4. Must have ability to build ad-hoc data pipelines to automate dashboards as well as deal with huge amounts of data.
  5. Strong project management skills. Able to structure a project from idea to design / prototype to implementation.
  6. Excellent Excel skills - Ideal candidate must bring some impressive know-how, including build a google connector for the stakeholders (and understanding that there's always more to learn)
  7. Ability to thrive under pressure and in challenging environments

【Basic Qualifications】

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering or any other quantitative field
  • 2 years in high growth startups, tech companies, consulting, or investment banking, or any business intelligence related working experience
  • You will need to use SQL more than half of the time every day. If you are not an expert in this area, please don’t apply for this resume to avoid wasting your time.

【APPLY NOW】https://reurl.cc/VD02p6