Supervisor's Title:Toller Management Supervisor

Why does this position exist, with what permanent objectives, within what limits

  • Make the production plan, prepare the corresponding export files and arrange all materials to the Taiwan factory on time based on the plan
  • Follow up the completion of the production plan with the Taiwan factory and handle abnormal issues during the process
  • Arrange the Taiwan tolling productions plan based on forecast and order in hand
  • Monitor & control the production wastage rate
  • Apply import/export documents preparation, closely monitor the import/export and inventory situation
  • Monitor import/export processing with service providers (customs brokers, transportation, warehouse & QA) for goods receipt
  • Assist supervisor to analyze data, prepare reports, and other related matters all the time
  • Oversee inventory management

Specific Business Knowledge:

  • Know how to manage overlapping projects
  • Keep track of deadlines
  • Be able to assess current orders and forecast future demand in order to provide adequate supplies
  • Good at negotiating
  • Be able to identify opportunities for improvement

Relevant Working Experiences:

  • Fresh college graduates are welcome but must be passionate about learning and challenges
  • Pharmaceutical industry, Agrochemicals, Chemistry supply chain or logistic experience is a plus
  • Others (e.g. Language, PC Knowledge):
  1. Proficiency in Excel & PowerPoint
  2. Highly organized and detail-oriented
  3. Strong social and communication skills
  4. Fast learner, flexible, and able to prioritize
  5. Multitask oriented
  6. Capable of performing complex data analysis to identify problems or opportunities to improve supply chain performance

Internal Customers:CCOL, Manufacturing, Procurement, Technical, QA, Finance, SAP, BD, Regional colleagues, BP

External Customers:Taiwan Toller