⇝Job description:

Working closely with PwC networking firms, we help multinational companies investing and carrying on business in India/ASEAN countries, via redering the following professional services;

1. Tax, legal & business consulting services;

2. Entity type measurement, FDI application and business registration;

3. Strategies for obtaining and using specfic incentives, from analysis, negotiation to application;

4. Annual maintenance & compliance services (including, but not limited to, various types of statutory filing works, from aspects of tax, company act, payroll, foreign exchange control.....etc.)

5. Special projects, e.g. transaction model analysis, M&A and joint venture relating consulting services...etc.

6. Tax controversy resolution.

⇝Qualifications and requirements:

1. Students studying in Taiwan who are familiar with the spoken and written languages of the aforementioned countries and have a communicative level in Chinese and English

2. University degree or above, major in accounting and taxation is preferred, and other majors in business or law are also acceptable

⇝針對跨國企業對南向國家 (印度,越南,泰國,印尼,星馬等) 佈局,結合PwC國際資源,提供南向國家:

1. 財稅法及商務諮詢服務

2. 公司型態評估與申設

3. 稅務優惠及投資補貼政策評估,協談與申請服務

4. 年度維運及遵循服務 (包括,但不限於各項稅務及工商申報等)

5. 專案性質顧問服務,如交易模式規劃,併購與合資顧問等


1. 熟悉前述國家語言文字且中、英文達可溝通水平,在台就學之學生

2. 大學以上學歷,財稅科系優先,其他商學或法學領域科系亦可

★ 系統操作介面為英文,中文投遞方法請參考:https://reurl.cc/GArbAW

★ 履歷投遞:https://reurl.cc/Rz1b6z

諮詢電話:02-2729-6666 #21218